Sunday, March 14, 2010

42 years and counting

March 15th may be just another day for most people but for my parents it marks a milestone their 42nd wedding anniversary.

Growing up I never realized how very blessed I was.

I can honestly say not one time in my life do I ever remember hearing my parents fight, yell , scream...

Not once.

I was just reading a blog about hand written notes and how that it is almost a thing of the past, it took me back to when I was a kid finding notes stuck here and there...

Love notes my Mom and Dad had written each other.

As an adult today my parents still leave each other little notes to each other.

I can remember the morning routine years ago getting ready for school and setting down to eat breakfast they always prayed for each other and for my Sister and I.

Everyday. They still do that today even though we are grown and have family's of our own.

Over the years our family has taken many hard left turns, lots of unseeable hardache, and unthinkable sorrow...

What got us through?

Two parents that love God and love each other.

They have taught me to hold fast to Gods word, to forgive, and to love those who seem unlovable.

They have taught me to work hard and be honest.

They have taught me to dig in and hold on to the things in life that are good and right no matter how many give up and walk away.

They are truly two very special people.

Thank you Dad and Mom for all you are to Melissa and I and so many others!

Happy Anniversary! We love you!

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Casey said...

Very well said Maria.