Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Post

Thanks to all my faithful readers who visit and see that I have slacked on my post lately, I would tell you that I have been so busy that I had absolutely no time to post except that would be a lie...I've just been a little on the lazy side (grin)

So the weather here is beginning to get colder around here...and so now is the time that my heating and cooling unit at my Salon has decided to has went on to be with it's maker. Did I mention the unit was 3 yrs. old..and did I mention that it is no longer under warranty?

AHHH the joys of owning your own business!

We have hooked up a few heaters to hold us over until the repair man (which name will go unmentioned to protect him,) shows up to fix the very dead unit.

So tonight as I put a load of towels (which would be every single towel we own...Mom that would be a great Christmas present if your reading this) into the dryer and I hit the button to start the dryer...


Great, this is just great! I have wet towels, and two children who have yet to take a shower...what to do you ask?

I will admit that paper towels came to mind..or they could just drip dry...

I found two very can see through them..why do I still even have these towels in the very back of the bathroom cabinet, the boys never even batted an eye when I handed them the see through towels so I didn't say anything either..just one problem, we now have NO towels..

Guess Husband will wonder why Paper towels are on the bathroom counter instead of a fresh clean towel tonight when he gets home from work...poor Husband.




petersonclan said...

You poor dear. I can't help with the heat, but feel free to drop off your towels at my house and I'll wash them up for you. We have a dryer given us by the Hollers. It was on their front lawn. I'll be glad to share it with you!

maria said...

Thanks Carrie...Hoping we will get the dryer fixed today or tomarrow.