Saturday, November 28, 2009


Thanksgiving dinner has been eaten and I will admit it was not a gluten free Thanksgiving...

We fell of the wagon..not really, it wasn't helping, the gluten free diet, and though I may still try to cut gluten in the house 100% gluten free we will not be...whew I feel better now.

We had a great time at Mom and Dads for Thanksgiving LOTS of food and a fun game of scrabble. I would show you pictures to prove it but I forgot my camera.

Today was the BIG parade here in Marrowbone, no it's not quite as big as the Macy's Parade but close...not really..but it was big for Marrowbone. The fist picture is of our beloved "Bean" a local here that loves this community and has always organized the parade...Bean had a stroke a few months ago and hasn't been out much, but here he is riding in the glad to see him.

Mom and Dad were in the parade here they are riding the Veteran's float (I think Daddy ate more candy than he threw to the kids..)

And just a few more Pictures...I love the Marrowbone Parade..I'm so thankful for the people in my community, I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. Blessings!



Anonymous said...

Mary and Rose will be thrilled that their picture is on the web!!


Maria, Glad you had a great day. Blessings,