Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Just four days before Christmas Sister and I had not one thing bought for Christmas...We loaded up at 9am Monday morning in hopes to start and finish our shopping in one day..we returned home at 1:30am Tuesday morning, it was tense but somebody had to do it. Just two days before Christmas Husband had a flare up and I was almost sure we would end up spending Christmas in the Hospital we were in the Doctors office on Christmas eve They increased his meds and we are still waiting on test results BUT he seems to be feeling ok for now and we were home not in the Hospital. The kids had a great day, Cassie was in shock she got a horse (which came from her Dads, they brought it to our house so she can ride more often.) and Tony and I bought her a saddle the look on her face as priceless! Chase and Kane got Motorcycles and Chad got a new pipe for his dirt bike and a new helmet that he wears around the house because he is so proud of it (yes my children are some what strange..but there mine so what do you expect?) Husband got lots of cloths and I bought him a new wedding band.. AND..Husband..Dear Sweet Man of mine bought me a Canon EOS Rebel XS Camera...I've wanted one for so long and he so surprised me I cried when I opened it and the kids thought I was have some sort of nervous break was GREAT! So I put together a little video of our Christmas this year, this was from my old camera...can't wait to post pictures from my new camera...when I figure out how to use it..AHEM! blessings!!


petersonclan said...

Wahoo!!! NEW CAMERA!!! I am so excited for yoU!!! When can we get together to share what little we know?

maria said...

Soon..I have not a clue on all the buttons..