Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dropped Call Part II

So if you haven't read my last post "Dropped Call" you should it would clear up any questions you may have about this post.

I had a question from Miss Carrie if I kept the cell phone...Uhhh..no the cell phone is no longer with me....

Which leads me to the "Dropped Call Part II" post...

I needed a phone to replace mine and we have one as a back up phone, my oldest son Chad had used it last (before he got his new one for his birthday) So I took the back up phone and had it hooked up...as I was flipping through the phone I saw the title "moto home" in the video section so I thought I would see what that was all about...

In the video I could hear Chase laughing hysterically and then I saw Chad on Chase's little dirt bike and while I was watching it wasn't registering with me and I look closer and think..

"hey that looks just like my kitchen table"


Yes my friends he was riding his little Brother's dirt bike IN MY HOUSE!!

I was in such shock I didn't know what to say...

Believe me when Chad and Chase got home I had thought of a few things to say.

So lesson learned here...

A. Boys have learned to not video things that might incriminate them.

B. That when Mom says she speaks with Jesus on a daily basis and prays that they will always be found out when they are doing something they shouldn't she means it!




Kynn and Lorie Harris said...

Oh Yes! Boys will be boys. I saw a video one day too. I honestly could not believe what I was seeing. I had a few words myself that day. LOL'

Someone close to me, a son of mine, video himself jumping off a bridge. Now what is wrong with that? NOONE had any idea how deep the water was, OR if there were any stumps in the water. (This was a bridge in a neighborhood for crying out loud.) Boys! Got to love them. And I do. God has special grace for boys. (And moms too) Have fun and remember,

When it comes to boys, Thou shalt not murder. :)

maria said...

So glad to know I'm not the only one with boys that do silly things. And yes I will remember...."Thou shalt not murder"


Anonymous said...

Maria, I can say one thing for your blog>>> I don't think I have read very many of them concerning the kids that I didn't set back and laugh. As mom used to tell me, "You never pay for your raisings until you have kids of your own". Oh how right she was and still is! Maybe you need to do what I did one day. I picked the phone up and called mom and asked her to send me a bill marked "paid in full". I'm sure Kathy would do that for you. ha!
Love you gal and hang in there, it does get better. Someday they will have kids and you will be on the other end saying the same thing to them.
Merry Christmas and its's time to watch our video>>> to bad others in the family don't get theirs out and spend a special moment with the ones who we miss so much at this time of year.
Love Aunt Pam

petersonclan said...