Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Not One More Thing..

Not One More Thing..

This is a statement I have learned to NOT say because just as sure as I do...That one more thing is piled on.

It flops right on top of the load of laundry that still is in the basket unfolded
It jumps right on running back and forth trips to the hospital..It screams "HERE I AM" while trying to adjust to an extra kid in the house....

It is overwhelming me just a tad...

But today I read a comment from one of my blogger friends and she included this

He is before all things, and in him all things hold together. Col. 1:17

It was what told me I COULD handle, withstand, endure, survive that one more thing...I don't hold it all together, no matter how much I would like to think all my shedule ,planning , thinking ahead has to do with the day the bottom line is "He is before all and in HIM ALL THINGS HOLD TOGETHER"

***Thank you for your comment today Lorie, it truly snapped me back to my knees to seek the answers from God the only one who really knows what's going on around here***

Update on Husband: We have now determined he has chron's disease...not what we had hoped for but it is what it is...he hasn't had solid food since Saturday and the Dr. say none til Thursday. There is so much inflammation he thinks it's best to wait until Thursday to give his body time to recover. If all goes well he will get out of the hospital by Friday or Saturday. He said to thank all the strangers that were praying for him (he had just gotten a pain shot about 10 min before)

My blood pressure is weird it was 180/101 this morning when I got out of bed but tonight it was 168/92...but I am glad it is lower tonight. I'll be glad when it levels out.

Thanks again to all the friends out there who have taken time out of their day to pray for us and who have left comments. Blessings.



Kynn and Lorie Harris said...

I am overwhelmed at your last post. Honestly when I was commenting last time, I really felt like I needed to include that scripture. God is so good. I am glad that it ministered to you. I have thought about you a lot today wondering how everyone was doing. I continue to pray for each of you. I will add you to our prayer list tonight in Bible study. My love to all of you.

Anonymous said...

WOW, I was thinking about ya and thought I'd check the blog. Well Job, it is what it is, right(read that). And God is who He is. This in all its craziness is but mere opportuinty. Blessings strength and wisdom will be gathered.... I couldn't imagine in some aspects, but God is with you and your family, therefore all will be well. (someday----soon I pray)
Prayers and love to ya,