Friday, October 9, 2009

Just in case you wondered

Just in case you wondered where I have been...

I have been in the bed with the flu...

On the couch with the flu...

Pacing the floors at 2am with an aching body with the flu..

On the phone with a very panicked Bride (whom is getting married Sat.) reassuring her I will be in the Salon Sat. Morning fever free to do her hair for her big day while eating Tamiflu and Motrin and drinking Ginger Ale praying that the room will stop spinning....

I have been "fever free" for 24 hours which means I will be able to go to work tomorrow. A wedding party of five...please pray (grin)

Chase is totally recovered from the flu and his face has healed up nicely, the other kids and Husband have been flu free and healthy.

I must brag on all of them they have taken great care of me, washing dishes, clothes and the boys haven't done any bodily harm to each other this week (grin)
Hope everyone is healthy your way! Blessings.


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Kynn and Lorie Harris said...

I am so sorry you have been sick. Take it easy.....I know....yeah right! Have said a prayer for you.