Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Getting Back On Track

Is it just me or do you feel a little overwhelmed when you have been sick and have to step back into the "real world" not that Moms ever really get a full day off( (sick or not,) but the whole schedule thing around here has been out of wack, and the fact that the kids are on fall break adds a little to the whole off schedule thing. My oldest (Chad) is in Florida with my Sister and her family visiting Alex her son, I have talked with them almost every night and they inform me that it is 100 degrees there, lots of sunshine a beach within 2miles and they are staying in a house with a pool and hot tub....nice. Cassie is at her Dads this week and Chase well, he kinda had plans to go to the Smokey's but because of the flu he wasn't able to go so we've kinda hung out here at home, and took a few sporadic trips to the store nearby at 8pm to grab a frappuccino (which is a big deal, cuz I rarely leave my house once I'm home.) Chase is at a friends house tonight so maybe his fall break won't be completely boring.
I had to go to see a surgeon today, I have a place on my leg that appears to be a cyst, we thought it might be a varicose vein but after seeing the Doctor today he said it was some sort of "growth" not necessarily a cyst, or tumor just something that needed to be removed, so I am scheduled to go next Monday morning to remove the "unknown growth" Doesn't seem to be a big deal, the Hospital on the other hand is a bit well...small my Dad and I joked about it on the way home, saying it makes our local Hospital look like the Hilton, when I called Husband to tell him about it he wanted me to cancel and go to a different Hospital (worry wart) but I think it will be fine...hopefully (grin)
I'll be back to work tomorrow trying to get back into the groove, what ever that is..hope all is well at your house! Blessings!



petersonclan said...

Ask Eric what he thinks about whichever hospital you will be at... he flies a lot of people out of these smaller hospitals, and generally knows if they are good or not.

Kynn and Lorie Harris said...

Praying for you. No surgery is MINOR when it is being done to you! :) You will do fine. Keep us updated.