Monday, August 17, 2009

Catching Up..

I have not run away...I'm just trying to adjust to the whole School, the kids have to be on the bus by 6:20am thing I'm not a morning person but I'm working on that.

My oldest nephew Alex is leaving tonight for Florida he's

Cut'n the cord..

Fly'n the coop..

Move'n out...

Gonna get lost.. (just kid'n Sister..Thank you Lord for GPS)

I went by Sister's house tonight to say my goodbye's and let the kids tell him bye, he's moving to Fort Myers with one of his buddies. Although I hate to see him go so far away, I understand there's not alot here in this area as far as jobs, he's young and wants to experience life...We've all been there (and later wish we were back home with Mom (grin))
Anywho Sister ask if I would make a cake for his going away get together and you know me (even though it was last min.) I can't do simple...I MUST do something different like this....

I teased Alex and told him he wouldn't have room for all his shoes (he has MANY, MANY, shoes) so I had shirts, boxers, and his famous Jordan filpflops falling out the trunk of the car (told you I have to go all out)
They all thought it was funny with him and D.J. hanging out the windows...Alex liked the cake and even posted pictures of it on Facebook...

I'm gonna miss him lots, hard to believe he's old enough to be on his own, guess that's what time does, they grow up and we get old..

Love you Alex,



Anonymous said...

Im goin to miss him. even tho im going up there next monday!! Can't wait. by the the way, its Fort myers!!!

petersonclan said...

What a great cake!!! You are so talented. Maybe you can teach a class for it?

Escapist said...

Ooo ! Thats a great work .........and interesting to read out your lines....