Monday, August 3, 2009

Birthdays and Baptism's

Well I haven't run away...

But I have had the thought enter my mind a few times in the last week (grin)

We have had a overload of activity since last week...

Cassie Marie turned 9...

Sean my Nephew got baptized Sunday at church..

And School starts back next Monday here which means we have been shopping for school supplies...every year the list grows....I'm not talking about school cloths either..I'm talking about:

-3 plastic folders with pockets and clasps (green, blue, red)
-2 packages of #2 pencils
-2 packages of loose leaf paper
-white school glue (do they make any other color???)
-scissors..Fiskars preferably (I don't care what brand they are...they still cut hair I see it everyday)
-24 pack of crayons
-1 package of erasers
-markers and/or coloring pencils
-1 box of tissues
-small container to hold supplies (with zipper if possible)
-clear or mesh backpack
-$5.00 for agenda
-disinfecting wipes
-baby wipes
-plain white paper plates (do they eat in the classroom now??)
-Styrofoam cups (guess so...)

This is ONE list and we have FOUR children in school...
Our two older boys will both go to High school this year so the list isn't as bad as the two younger ones but just in case you were wondering where I have been now you know...

I have been wandering aimlessly in the aisles of Wal-Mart looking for all this stuff thinking I may need to get a second job just to pay for it..AHEM...

I'm including pictures of Sean my Nephew getting baptized Sunday...My Dad (his Pa)baptized him.




Maria, Thank You so much for all your comments and prayers. They help a lot. I have joined your blog, I hope that is ok. I saw your school list, We homeschool and I have stay stocked up on the same items. I love all your pics:) Many Blessings,

Anonymous said...


As I sit here reading this tears are streaming down my face out of joy. You know I taught Seans class at LWM several times and he more than grew on me and holds a special place in my heart. I am so thankful to see life anew starting for Sean and am just so sad that I missed it. Tell him that I sent him many congrats! I am just overjoyed.