Monday, August 10, 2009

Back in School

Today was the first day of school here...I must admit this was one of the hardest "back to school days" for me...My oldest Son Chad Allen started High School...

And it's not that I feel old....

It's that I can't believe he's in High School..

I could cry just thinking about it, time really does go by soooo fast.

Chase is in 7th grade and Cassie Marie is in 4th...which means I have one in High School one in Middle School and one in Elementary school...WHEW!

I was so excited to hear all about they're day when I saw them get off the bus this afternoon..

Except no one seem to have had a "wonderful" day.

Cassie said no one would talk to her (what is it with this age? Are all girls this age sooo dramatic?)

Chase Say's he wants to quit band (NOT, I REPEAT NOT GONNA HAPPEN! I told him he should have thought of that $450.00 ago after he HAD to join band and HAD to have a trumpet..ahem)

And Chad, well..he had a place on his arm that appeared to be some sort of bite..we noticed it about four days ago, and it has gotten worse everyday..
When he came in he said..."Mom your gonna freak out when you see my arm."

Well... he was right I did...and off to the Doctors office we went (great...first day of school and we are already going to the Doctors office.)

They put him on antibiotics and said if it didn't start healing up in the next few days after taking his meds or if he started running a fever he may have to be put in the hospital for IV meds (great...)
He has felt really bad all night...and for the first time in months he had a really bad headache so we had to give him Maxalt, which is medication his neurologist prescribed for migraines..I'm not sure if it's from his arm or the stress of the day or both...I checked his temp a few hours ago and he is running a low grade temp...This is NOT how I envisioned the first day of School..not at all..Please pray that his arm heals quickly with no complications.

Sooo this has been the events of the day! Blessings!


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