Saturday, January 23, 2010


We all have those "moments of opportunity" in our busy day that we may later play back in our mind...

Did I say the right thing?

I have those "moments" alot...and tonight on my way home, by myself in the quiet I was praying about one of those moments..

Could I have said something different?

Should I have said anything at all...

God has really been dealing with me lately about opportunity, and how to handel my words...

The world views on many things now days are (to name a few..)

-stick it to em, after all they deserve it

-sure step on them after all isn't that how we reach success in our life?

-a little lie never hurt anything....

I often find myself "presented" with moments of opportunity that I totally pass up because of pride...

What will they think if I say that?

Really God? You want me to say that? They'll think I've lost my mind!

But I am learning that when those moments present themselves and I listen to Gods voice, no matter how strange the response may sound to some God has granted a moment of opportunity.

I have recently started reading a book called Jumping Ship it is a book on what to do so your children don't jump ship to the world when they get a christian parent I realize what a great responsiblity I have in raising my children and as I read the book I realize it's moments

Moments of..

Not just telling them they must do the right thing but leading by example.

Training, that means not just telling but showing (in some cases over, and over and over)

Spending time with them..Moments

laughing with them..Moments

Moments may not seem like much...but they add up to a lifetime. Moments are what they remember.



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petersonclan said...

What a great reminder, Maria! Thanks for sharing.