Friday, May 15, 2009


Tony was released from our local Hospital this morning, and off we went to see a surgeon, in hopes that he would remove Tony's gall bladder...we arrived at the Doctors office at 9:30 and yet again filled out a very long registration/medical history/do you have any money insurance form. The doctor reviewed all the test, lab work, x-rays, CT scans and talked with us about what he thought we should do next (which didn't include ditching the gall bladder just yet) He scheduled Tony for a colonoscopy and endoscopy, for Monday morning. The Doctor wants to find out if Tony has Crohn's disease, if he does the pain in his right side could be from his colon...he is not ruling out taking out the gall bladder he just feels like the Crohn's needs to be addressed first, and to top it off some of Tony's blood work came back positive for food poisoning..(wonderful) our family Doctor said that was the second case he had seen in the past week...(I won't be eating out any time soon now)
So he has lots of medicine to take for now.. Prednisone for the inflammation, Cipro for food poisoning, something for pain, and the "prep" pills that he has to take to get him ready for the test Monday...they use to make you drink something to clean you out...but we found out today they give pills for this now...don't worry he only has to take 32..yep thats what I said 32 pills, 4 at a time 15 min. apart until they're all gone (and drink plenty of water of coarse) he starts this wonderful pill pop'n party Sunday afternoon..(don't worry he only pop's pills on special for colonoscopy's)AHEM..
So this is where we stand for now. I am getting a crash coarse in Blue Cross/Blue Shield Health Insurance (which I am very thankful for) you know the standard
-Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion
-Limitations and Exclusion's
-Post service claims
-Pre-Service claims
Does anyone know what ANY of this Really means? Honestly, I had to go and lay down for a while after reviewing the insurance plan packet today...I have not one clue..seriously..not makes my head spin, I am so thankful there is this little women in the office where husband works that will answer all my questions, she has been a life saver through all of this!
So I must return to the never ending pile of laundry (I swear I think clean cloths jump out of the closet while we are gone and roll in the dirt and scatter themselves through out the house)
Thank you for praying, thank you for calling and checking on Tony, we love each one of you for taking the time! Blessings!

P.S. Did I mention how very happy I am that Husband is home? Just wanted you to know in case I didn't mention it:)

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Just got on your blog today to catch up! We have been very busy. We are praying for Tony and the whole family. What a challenge it has to be. Sifting is hard and life is hard but you are all stronger than that! Luv always! Renee