Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm back

So I have been told by a few that I am falling way behind on my blogging....Where do I start? We have lots of news..

Friday morning I was out the door to take the kids to the school bus and saw Pete (my chocolate Lab) trying to eat and with every attempted effort his dog food would fall out of his mouth..he was struggling to breath I did what every girl would do..I called my Dad (grin) on the verge of breakdown I explained what was going on and he did what every Dad would do he rushed over and took Pete to the vet for me (thank you Daddy..) Later that morning I got a call saying Pete had pneumonia and he had to stay at the vets office over night (which happens to have turned into 3 nights now) the Vet called me bright and early this morning to tell me Pete seems to be on the road to recovery and we could possibly pick him up in the morning...
Just as I hung up the phone my oldest Chad walked in the door he had been to the barn to feed...

He looked VERY sad..

"Molly died Mom." (Chad's Goat)

Shew! I could cry typing this. I felt soooo sorry for Chad he has been so responsible feeding and taking care of Molly...and poor Melvin (Molly's brother) looks lost.
So this afternoon as it started to snow outside Chad went back to the barn and buried Molly under a tree...K nuff of that I can't think about it anymore.

To happier news Husband and I spent a very romantic afternoon at Studels...

Oh! Is that a fancy restaurant you ask?

No.. It's where we get our taxes done..but we were together and that's all that mattered..

Can you tell we don't get out of the house much? (at lest not together)

All jokes aside I am very blessed to have Tony in my life...he has been my everything through so much, and I must say everyday (almost) is Valentines Day with him...he always does the sweetest things for me..just because.



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Lorie said...

I am so sorry to hear about Molly. My friend Marlene is sitting with me right now and I showed her the sweet picture of Molly with pacifier. So sad.
Hope everyone is feeling better.