Sunday, November 15, 2009

Adding and taking away

So over the weekend we have added a new addition to our "farm" her name is Callie Lou, actually it was two for the price of one day because Callie Lou is soon to have a colt we are thinking January or February...This is Husbands new past time cause Callie Lou belongs to him...Ask me if he knows anything about horses? Uh no...not really but he loves this horse and she seems to love the farm so I guess that means she's a keeper here's a few pictures

And now for the taking away part....

Dr. K spoke with Husband today after church and ask him to try a new diet to see if it will help with his crohn's disease, he ask him to try it for two weeks sounds simple enough hu?

Well it's a Gluten Free Diet...far from simple in my house.

When I started looking this up on the internet I found out that gluten is in viturally everything...Like:

-gravy (give me a break..we live in Kentucky gravy goes on everything)
-anything wheat or rye

-lip balm

And the big kicker...playdough...Husband was really upset when he found out he could no longer eat Playdough (grin) just kidding..But who knew? Gluten in Playdough!

So tomorrow I will attempt to plan out a menu for the next few weeks that is gluten free, wish me luck! Blessings!


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