Thursday, July 9, 2009

You Are My Sunshine....

Chase.....What can I say, he is the middle child, the one who possesses the smile that will melt even the hardest of hearts, he owns a laugh that once you hear it you catch yourself laughing too...need a friend? Chase is your man. Who roots for the underdog? Chase. Need to know where to dig the best fishing worms? Just ask Chase. Need a volunteer to lay on the ground so you can jump your dirt bike over them...uhh..that would be Chase (and that would be big brother Chad that talked him into that once...ahem..)

I remember when Chase was around 5 years old...he loved catching bugs, lizards, anything creepy crawly...I was doing laundry one day and took a pair of his shorts out of the dryer and gave them a little shake while folding them...a very dried up lizard fell to the floor, seems Chase was planning on keeping him, except he forgot to remove the lizard from his of many things that went on to be with Jesus while in my washing machine....

On the first day of school he sat beside a little girl that came with only a back pack, no crayons, no paper, pencials...nothing...I watched as my son got out of his seat and one by one took one box of crayons, a package of paper, pencils and handed to her....he possesses compassion.
a few weeks later I noticed he was asking for more snack money than I normally had given the year before...I later found out that he was giving the extra money to by a little boy his snack everyday..he possesses a giving heart.

He is my quiet child (most of the time)
He will be your friend, no matter what.

Today Chase turned 13, I'm not sure where the time went...but there's one thing I'm very certain of he is the sunshine in my life! I love you Chase! Happy Birthday!!



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