Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Dad

This blog entry is for one of the most important people in my Dad. After 35 years of service working for Tri-County Electric my Dad will retire tomorrow, and when I set and think about it I am overcome with emotion....My Dad began his career with Tri-County in 1973 so you must understand that Tri-County has always been a part of my life. If you lived in the small town of Burkesville Kentucky and your lights went out at any given time my Dad would be the one who would leave his spot at the supper table, put on his boots and be out the door to make them miraculously come on again. Growing up in a home with a Tri-County worker had it's challenges, like the 5min. rule, phone calls were limited to 5min. if my Dad was on call that week (this means I'm call waiting back then or cell phones) just in case someones lights went out and they were trying to call. Tri-County always being a part of my life it ties me and my family with so many people all the people that works with my Dad are like family too, over the years we have seen others retire, watched some get married and have children and grieved together at the loss of some in the Tri-County family....Funny how you say you look forward to the big retirement day and when it gets here it is so sad, but I'm sure we will find plenty for Pop to do around here! So the next time your lights go out remember there is a dedicated lineman out there somewhere that makes the light happen...Thank you Daddy for all you have given me through life I love you and I'm so proud of you!! Happy Retirement!!

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