Tuesday, January 29, 2013

While you were sleeping

After endless vitamin C thoughts and loads of hand sanitizer I still managed to catch some sort of "bug" I felt myself going down hill Friday afternoon at work managed to make it home throw some food to the kids and honestly couldn't tell you what went on in this house all weekend.
I have vague memories of NyQuil and Z packs and do remember waking up with Cassie in my face saying "Just making sure your breathing Mom."  how thoughtful of her.
As much as I would think that it couldn't my family survived without me for a few days Husband kicked in and did the laundry and believe it or not no one died of starvation. I do remember loud voices and something about a deer and a dent in the truck and off and on revving up of some unknown vehicle outside...
When I awoke from my slumber Chad Allen told me he had hit a deer (actually the deer hit him) while taking his girlfriend home he said I went out and looked at his truck the night it happen I remember none of that. Thankfully they were ok his truck has some dents but that can be fixed.
And somewhere during my slumber my Son decided to trade his GSXR 750 aka crotch rocket. Understand when he purchased this bike I was not a happy Mamma I begged him not to buy it and when he brought it home I nearly passed out so after a new paint job and some tweekes he decided to trade it (answer to prayers)
So when I walked out in the yard this is what I found....


WOW...this makes me feel sooo much better

At least it's not a street bike but seriously?

 Lesson Learned:
~Kids can survive on ham and cheese loaf
~Our family can throw down some serious viral what-what around here
~I'm ready for it to go away



Christy said...

So glad your better. The seats behind me were so quiet. Missed you. NO MORE BUGS!!!


maria said...

I really hated to miss Sunday I was so looking forward to that service! Missed you guys too!!