Thursday, January 10, 2013

Can anyone Say Tamiflu?

It all started over the weekend when Cassie started getting sick.....

Went to the Doctor.

She has the flu.....

My mind went to panic mode as this is a problem in my home of many children.
I load up on Lysol, Clorox wipes, bleach, anything that will keep everyone else from getting it.  

Day two.
Chad Allen text me to say I need to come sign him out he has a really bad headache and his stomach hurts.

Kid #2 down.

The grand puke fest begins on this day.

Something you must understand about teenage boys...they eat like horses and even tho they are sick at their stomachs they still feel the need to eat. So Chad eats and 5 min later..

Chad pukes..... aka:
~Organic Output
~Leggo yer eggo
~Emergency stomach evacuation
~Chuck your cheerios
~Bring it up for a vote
~Abdominal Voorheaves
Whatever you choose to call was vile.

So I do what every good Mother does and rolled up my selves armed with bleach cleaner and scrubbed the bathroom down.
Then I boiled my hands.

Day two at night around 11ish

Cassie now has a pounding earache to accompany the flu and Chad is still puking.
I am still cleaning everything in sight and boiling my hands.

Day 3 around 3am ish in the morning

I had been asleep maybe 20min. Chase enters our room and says "Mom help" and runs out my room towards the kitchen I stumble out of bed run into the kitchen and slide across the kitchen floor.

Wanna guess what I stepped in? (barefoot)

I cleaned up the trail which started in his bedroom and ended in the kitchen and then I boiled my hands and my feet.

Kid #3 Down.

Day 4..I'm at my breaking point.
Debated whether or not I could make  rubber boots and a hazmat suit a fashion statement.
If I could fit myself into the dishwasher and turn the switch to sanitize.
I was feeling a little on the OCDish side...this was bad really bad.
Day 5 1am in the morning and I am happy to report I haven't seen puke today...

I think Chad and Cassie are feeling better and Chase is get'n there. 

I am now off to fill my bathtub with hand sanitizer and soke. 
Word of advice get a flu shot.





Anonymous said...

Its bad rt now. I think I might be getting it. Hold down the fort momma!! Get those kiddos well!!

maria said...

It's bad here too. They closed school down here Thursday and Friday because so many kids were out sick I have a feeling next week wont be any better. Hope your not getting it, get yourself to the Dr. and get some medicine! Feel better soon! (((hugs))