Saturday, February 18, 2012


Phone call this week-
"I need you to pick child A and child B up at school, they are being sent home...nothing major just a scuffle but they do have to go home for the day."

Me (when I get to school): "So do I get a prize?"
Principle: "A prize for what?"
Me: "Well I think I have set a record...I don't know of any parent who has to pick two kids up in the same day."

Later that day...
My last app. happen to be the Mother of child C whom child A and B got into a scuffle with...(sigh) Lesson learned here boys scuffle and the Mothers of the boys can talk about it and still be friends..I think thats why they call us grown ups.

Ford Explorer motor blew up....Husband switched to driving the Ford Ranger... transmission went out on it the next day, and the lesson here is don't by anymore Fords.

I can promise you that my week was packed full of many more challenges that I am not at liberty to blog about but God has shown me it's one day at a time. I am reminded of my Mothers words "This too shall pass."
And it does, sometimes not as quick as I would like it to but God is in the mist of it and I know he is in control!



David C Brown said...

As the hymn says,

Lord, Thou art with me
And thou dost give
Strength for the journey,
Grace now to live ...

Lorie said...

Life can get so hard sometimes. Hang in there sweet friend. I smiled that you had to pick up your kids. I know it is NOT funny. Kids....what do we do with them? How would we live without them? :)
Sending love your way.