Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sneak Peak

Back in the good'ol days I had a new post up and ready for you to read at least once a week..seems the older I get the more I have to do and the good'ol days are long gone.

Running a house that contains four children requires many hours lots of laundry, feeding and watering them running from point A to point B feed them, one gets sick that means not one but four visits to the Doctor's office and did I mention you must feed them?
Thus Husband and I work many hours to feed them...speaking of working I have a new extra job that I happen to love. I now work for Silver Chest Creations they make jewelry out of silverware. We are in the process of putting up a new web site  that I will run (manage web site pack and ship out orders) I also make our speciality necklaces. Be sure to stop by and visit us at

Sooo if you have wondered where in the world I have been I've been making jewelry and taking pictures for the web site like a wild women and you my friend get a sneak peak of some of the pictures that will be featured on the new web site! Here Goes hope you enjoy!

Stay tuned! We are going live with our Web site this week!! Blessings! M


Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me. Do you ever find a "me" time? Love the web site and all you all have done. Thanks for sharing. I will pass it to as many people as I can here in Indiana!!
Wishing you the greatest of success! Miss you gal!
Love Aunt Pam

maria said...

Thanks Aunt Pam!! Miss you too!