Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Guide you Home

These are some pictures I have been working on, they are all from here in my hometown...many of the homes and old stores are empty, but they all hold so many great memories for me, hope you enjoy!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. All moms little restaurant needed was the huge tomato vines growing up the pole where the gas pumps used to be ( so much for worrying about getting sick on vegs, huh)? Think at one time she picked over 150 tomatos off them. Must have been the gas fumes that made them grow!!ha And the old general store that Daddy Jim had where the little girl got in trouble for throwing a piece of candy under the counter that she didn't like, not knowing it would go into the open container of beans and the ants would find it. Boy did I get in trouble over that one!! Whow, do I feel old now!
There were plenty of others that I remembered too, but these two are so special to me.
Just in case noone has told you lately, you're awesome and I love yah gal! Thanks for the cry for the day. See you soon.
Love Aunt Pam