Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

I don't think a letter (or in this case a blog post) could ever do justice to what my heart really wants to say but here goes..

You are truly my hero in ever sense of the word...when I look at you I don't just see my Dad I see a strong ,honest, hardworking man that loves his family and always puts them first..Thank you for that.

Thank you for loving me for me, through all the messy and unpretty parts of my life, for picking me up when I thought there were no parts of my life to be picked up and helping me put back together things that were very broken in my heart.

Thank you for always teaching me that everyone needs compassion, no matter what the outside looks like we were put on this earth to minister to the hearts of people and you have been the shining example of a compassionate person..Thank you for that.

Thank you for always taking time to be a Father to those who don't have Fathers in their may not remember them all but I know they will always remember you.

I love you more than words could say...

I am truly blessed to be your Daughter!

Happy Fathers Day...I love you!

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