Monday, November 10, 2008

At the last minute my Husband and I decided to go to Gatlinburg Tennessee for the weekend...Very seldom on a whim do take a trip, but I finished up at the salon at 1 and we ran home threw some cloths in a suitcase and headed for the hills:)

The drive was beautiful and very,very,quiet...did I mention we didn't take the kids?I must say that upon arriving that night I realized I forgot my flatiron in the rush of packing things...this stressed me , go ahead and laugh but this girl has natural curly hair and this is not an item that I just mindlessly forget so I admit it I didn't wash my hair the next morning...there I said it "I"m a hairdresser and I didn't wash my hair"It is sad but true I am a flatiron that that is out in the open, I thought we would do a little Christmas shoppin while we were there. They have Outlet Malls in Pigeon Forge and "I thought" there would be some good buys.....WRONG!! We forgot the Christmas shopping, no good buys, no sales...therefore no Christmas shopping!! Any who, we did find a place I loved, (Tony had to drag me out) called Harry and David's, it has "Food Stuff" anyone that knows me knows I love to cook and my sister and I are known to spend hours in a Grocery store that has a big selection of fruit , cheese ect. don't get me wrong we DO HAVE those things in our very small grocery store in Kentucky, what they don't have is variety, so I was in heaven...gourmet coffee, chocolate covered Bing cherries (mine and my sisters favorite) all sorts of dried exotic fruit, it was great!!

After being out and seeing the Christmas light (which were beautiful) we decided to go to a Musical we had seen advertised it is called MIRACLE it is the re-creation of the life of Christ. It was GREAT!! At the beginning of the play the lights went out and I felt this breeze go over my head, when I looked up there was an angel flying towards the stage!! AWESOME!! It also had live animals, camels, horses, and sheep! My Husband and I were in awe. This is a must see if you are ever in the area I am including the web site

I have included a few pictures this place is beautiful this time of year..enjoy!

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petersonclan said...

found you, Maria! :) Great that you got to get away. I think you and Melissa should feel called to make us a good meal one of these days. Since you love cooking and all that! haha.